RaceSpot Talk is another one of our attempts to do something interesting. Why? Because we get too bored easily, and occasionally throwing Sh*t at the wall and seeing if it sticks is a good thing for a business, if you read those dull and boring business books we received for Christmas.

We already have had a great podcast in Talking Tenths*, hosted by *Cough* Simmy Award Winning */Cough* Arjuna Kankipati and Connery Maddick. In fact, Talking Tenths is (was?) far better than it gets credit for, so you really should go and watch it on YouTube / Subscribe via your streaming service of choice. What we certainly don’t want to do is take away from the work that was done / is being done here, so RaceSpot Talk is designed to be something different.

On the flip side, those of you who remember back to our beginnings will remember the Wil & Dave Show, which we kept very much off of RaceSpot when we began, and ensured stayed far enough away not to tarnish our early reputation. Whilst that kind of drunken / energy drink fuelled podcast was fine back in *hick* 2013, it certainly wouldn’t work with our corporate partners in 2022! We love the energy that that podcast brought, but to put it nicely, we need something with a bit more structure and less chaos.

But what is RaceSpot Talk? In simple terms, #EmbraceDebate, without as much of the shouting, and without Skip Bayliss / Colin Cowherd, as we simply can’t afford any of their salaries. Each week, we’ll pick up on a couple of issues in the Sim Racing world, and discuss them, as well as inviting you to participate on social media, and live alongside our (Still a bedroom because of COVID-19 and finances) studio crew. 

Will there be controversy? Most likely. Will we pull punches? We hope not. Will it be entertaining? Maybe. 

What we can promise you is that we will try to have as much fun as possible, and be honest to ourselves, and to you, the viewers. We know that there’s a lot of people who think that personalities like those who work with RaceSpot don’t say it how it is because of what they are required to say / not say by the people whom contract them, and to some extent, that is true. We won’t pressure anyone to appear on RaceSpot Talk, BUT, we will ensure that if they agree to appear, we want their honest opinion, not some pre-rehearsed, corporate baloney.

Same applies to you, our viewership and listenership. We know you have some strong opinions, and many of you. have commented that sometimes opinions are hidden below the surface because that’s what people like ourselves are told to do. We promise to listen to and respond to a full range of viewpoints, and so long as they are not insulting to anyone’s held core beliefs, we will find a way to discuss them where possible.

We have no sponsors for this show yet. Sounds interesting to you? Drop Wil a line at Wil [AT] RaceSpot [DOT] TV, and let’s talk. We can make sponsorship far more interesting than what you hear on ESPN radio, without even blinking. If you’ve got a topic you want us to discuss, let us know on our Discord Channel. We’ll be patiently waiting.

RaceSpot Talk: Coming 2022, To an Interwebs Near You.

*We honestly don't know if this is coming back, or is just in hiatus, or development hell. We'll keep you posted. 

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