Before filling in the form below, there’s a couple of things we would like to raise with you, to both save you wasting time, and to ensure we all end up being happy and understanding with each other.

  1. Please read about our current services and fees before completing your request. We try to be as transparent as possible with our services and pricing, and therefore ask you spend some time understanding what is and isn’t included, and why we charge what we do.
  2. Because it makes for boring broadcasts, and even more boring commentary, we have an (almost) ABSOLUTE MINIMUM RULE of 15 drivers participating in a series. We really don’t want you to waste your money, and races with a small field often leads to a type of broadcast that gets repetitive and un-interesting. There is only so many times we can explain gear stacks and brake points!
  3. We require the VAST MAJORITY of participants to be above the age of 18, unless explicitly agreed in advance. You will be responsible for ensuring all legal requirements concerning the use of name and likeliness are adhered to. Of course, the league administrator contact MUST be over the age of 18 (We really can’t be dealing with complaints about Mom / Dad’s Credit Card being used to pay us!)
  4. Completing the form below does not guarantee that we will be providing services to you. This is not confirmed until all checks are completed and a broadcast agreement is signed with us. Attempts to advertise us as providing services before confirmation is provided will result in us terminating any pending agreement.
  5. We know late notice events come up, and we will do our best to honour them. Please note that there is a late event surcharge for any event booked less than 1 week prior to broadcast of $100, and any endurance race booked less than 3 months prior to broadcast of $200, unless explicitly agreed with us in advance.
  6. We want nothing to do with politics, or religious beliefs of any kind. We are a diverse, multi-racial, and multi-opinion company, and we respect the views and beliefs of all our team and viewers. Therefore, we will not broadcast any event that publicly advocates for certain political / religious views. As a responsible broadcaster, we choose not to advocate alcohol / drug use, regardless of legality in a specific country, and therefore we will not broadcast an event sponsored by such companies, or where drivers use liveries displaying such themes (We will remove any livery submitted to us which includes such themes).

We aim to respond to all broadcast requests within 1 week of being submitted to us. Please note that the more information you provide below, the quicker it will be to get a quote to you, and formalise a broadcast agreement. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by incorrect data provided, and you should review the information sent to your email after completion of this form to ensure that all information provided is correct.

    If you have any additional documents you would like to send us, please attach here. One file up to 5MB can be uploaded, and can include .zip files.