RaceSpot TV are proud to continue their partnership with BMW, having broadcasted every BMW 120 and SIM GT CUP Race on iRacing, as well as providing full sim racing broadcast coverage at BMW SIM LIVE since 2019*. RaceSpot Live Events have also been responsible for overseeing the Race Control, Stewarding, and on site sim related technical support at BMW SIM LIVE since 2019 (Both when events were on site and virtually).

RaceSpot Live Events are responsible for managing the results of the BMW M SIM CUP 2023. As a part of this, RaceSpot Live Events are also responsible for providing stewarding overview of the drivers and teams who finish in the Top 10 of each race, to ensure that participants conduct themselves within the spirit of fair racing, and are authorised by BMW and their partners to investigate and apply penalties where incidents cause moderate – significant disadvantage to other teams by intentional / ‘at fault’ contact, unsportsmanlike behaviour, and failing to adhere to core racing rules and regulations.

This page provides an overview of activities for the series, as well as a summary of the incidents and outcomes for each race, details of each race (Including broadcast links and replays), as well as confirmed results and standings. For further information, please visit the BMW SIM RACING DISCORD.

*We didn’t do coverage of the rFactor 2 event in 2020. Just a part of our keeping stuff honest policy.

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Series Schedule

Round 2: Sebring International Raceway – Results and Reports

Round 1: Daytona International Speedway – Results and Reports


RoundCircuitDurationDateLMDh WinnerGT3 Winner
1Daytona International Speedway120 Minutes5 FebruaryURANO Esports DATAGROUP
Vlad Khimichev
Jonas Wallmeier
URANO eSports HP
Alexey Nesov
Luca Kita
2Sebring International Raceway120 Minutes19 MarchURANO eSports DATAGROUP
Vlad Khimichev
Jonas Wallmeier
Team Redline 
Chris Lulham
Diogo C. Pinto
3Road America120 Minutes23 April
4Nürburgring Grand-Prix120 Minutes7 May
5Watkins Glen International120 Minutes4 June
6Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps120 Minutes2 July
7Fuji International Speedway120 Minutes20 August
8Road Atlanta120 Minutes15 October
9TBD120 Minutes5 November
10Suzuka International Grand Prix120 Minutes19 November


This section provides the full standings for the 2023 BMW M SIM CUP.

LMDh Class

1Vlad KhimichevURANO Esports DATAGROUP2525151
2Jonas WallmeierURANO Esports DATAGROUP252550
3Dominik HofmannURANO Esports181533
4Daniel Alves LourencoURANO Esports181533
5Pedro Sanchez AlbertBS+Turner / BS+ Competition1012123
6Josh LadWilliams Esports Fanatec15621
7Daniel Sivi-SzaboPuresims Esports / Apex Racing Team81018
8Edoardo LeoSRC Mivano Corse GTP Rosa1818
9Fraser WilliamsonSRC Mivano Corse GTP Rosa1818
10Valtteri AlanderBS+Turner / BS+ Competition41216
11Atte KauppinenWilliams Esports Fanatec1515
12Mike PartingtonWilliams Esports Razer1212
13Carl E JanssonWilliams Esports Razer1212
14Pablo Lazar2Obsidian Racing1010
15Ben FullerApex Racing Team1010
16Mauricio QueroPuresims Esports88
17Owen CarylApex Racing Academy88
18Patrick WolfApex Racing Academy88
19Pablo EspesObsidian Racing Components66
20Aday Coba LopezObsidian Racing Components66
21Matt J. FarrowWilliams Esports Fanatec66
22Dion FialloBS+Turner44
23Benjamin FrigerioRace Clutch Black44
24Teemu MyllykangasRace Clutch Black44
25Patrick WolfHS Racing sniff22
26Sven KnöllerHS Racing sniff22
27Dylan B ScrivensURANO eSports HUAWEI22
28Yoep de LigtURANO eSports HUAWEI22
29Yuta SaitoWAVE ITALY Racing Team LMDh #811
30Ralph BenitezWAVE ITALY Racing Team LMDh #811
31Sam JF HammarstedtValkyrie Exype11
32Roger Fjeldstad KristiansenValkyrie Exype11

GT3 Class

1Chris LulhamTeam Redline1225138
2Diogo C. PintoTeam Redline122537
3Luke McKeownApex Racing Team151833
4Alexey NesovURANO eSports HP2525
5Luca KitaURANO eSports HP2525
6Michael JanneyApex Racing Team15823
7Julian KesselhutBS+COMPETITION / BS+TURNER18119
9Kevin Ellis JrApex Racing Team1818
10Jimmy AntunesBMW Team Fondue1515
Leandro Anderrüti
BMW Team Fondue1515
12Antti AholaTEAM #7 / HARDmode21214
13Matti SipiläTEAM #7 / HARDmode21214
14Elvis RankinApex Racing Team10111
15Jesse JonesR8G Esports1010
16Florian Lebigre2R8G Esports1010
17Maxence GodiinhoApex Racing Team1010
18Maxence GodiinhoApex Racing Team88
19Jorge D.GarciaTeam PGZ $11988
20Pablo Araujo3Team PGZ $11988
21Jonathan PouletValkyrie Exype Competition66
22Thibaud PrevotValkyrie Exype Competition66
23Jesse JonesTUSHEK.EU66
24Ole SteinbratenTUSHEK.EU66
26Alexander ThiebeURANO eSports HEINEKINGMEDIA44
27Ryan BarneveldBS+COMPETITION44
28Oskari RinneBS+COMPETITION44
29Maxime BrientApex Racing Team22
30Peter BerrymanApex Racing Team22
31Jonas RüttenTeam PGZ $12411
32Mathew DenchTeam PGZ $12411

Round 2: Sebring International Raceway

Date Of Race:                                                   19 March 2023

YouTube Broadcast:                                     YouTube (Opens In New Tab)

Race Replay:                                                     COMING SOON

Stewards Report Document:                     COMING SOON

Stewards Report

Car(s) InvestigatedCar(s) InvolvedDescription of Incident and Penalty
1130, 11NFA racing incident on lap 1
3030, 24, 11NFA racing incident on lap 1 three cars into 1. 
2323, 10Car 23 attempted to make a late move into turn 15 and makes rear quarter panal contact with car 10 causing a spin. 5 Second penalty to be applied
11916, 119NFA car 16 brakes due to incident infront with the car 119 very close behind, very little time to react and contact made. Racing incident
1414, 6 Car 14 hasn’t slowed enough with the check up infront. Had time to react to what was happening infront. 10 Second penalty for car 14
2828, 190Car 28 is reacting to incident infront, but does not get alongside the 190 to be entitled to them giving him room. The 190 does have a car to their left meaning that they cannot take avoiding action. Car 28 spins the 190 causing a loss of places. 5 Second penalty to be applied to car 28.
116, 5, 91NFA Car 116 tries to take advantage of a GTP lapping car 5. A cars width is left by car 5. side to side contact is made which then causes further contact between the two. Car 5 tried to stop on the grass but cannot do so and makes contact with the 91. Racing incident.
8989, 3Car 89 is exiting pit road, driving into the line of the car 3 causing contact between the two, It is the duty of the car exiting pit road to do so safely. 5 second penalty to be applied to car 89
9292, 198Car 92 runs wide on corner exit turning across the nose of 198 causing damage to both cars and 198 to lose a position, 5s penalty for 92
677,11Car 677 allowing car 92 through on inside atT5 so slower than normal on exit, car 11 drives through 677 causing positions to be lost. 5s penalty for 11
91191, 91, 2, 99Car 91 tries to follow car 99 through past the GT3 traffic, there isn’t an overlap between the 91 and 191 and made avoidable contact. 5 second penalty to be applied to car 91

Revised results after round 2 (UNOFFICIAL)

LMDh Class

Finish PosOriginal PosTeamDriversIntervalPenaltiesTotal Interval
11URANO eSports DATAGROUPVlad Khimichev, Jonas Wallmeier
22SRC Mivano Corse GTP RosaEdoardo Leo, Fraser Williamson4.4544.454
34BS+COMPETITIONPedro Sanchez Albert, Valtteri Alander18.53618.536
43URANO eSportsDominik Hofmann, Daniel Alves Lourenco17.603522.603
55Apex Racing Team 199Ben Fuller, Daniel Sivi-Szabo23.01323.013
66Apex Racing Academy 198Owen Caryl, Patrick Wolf24.96424.964
77Williams Esports FanatecJosh Lad, Matt Farrow41.37241.372
88Race Clutch BlackBenjamin Frigerio, Teemu Myllykangas53.9953.99
99URANO eSports HUAWEIDylan Scrivens, Yoep de Ligt59.91564.91
1010Valkyrie ExypeSam Hammerstedt, Roger Kristiansen68.96668.966

GT3 Class

Finish PosOriginal PosTeamDriversIntervalPenaltiesTotal Interval
11Team Redline 20Diogo Pinto, Chris Lulham
22Apex Racing Team 98Kevin Ellis Jr, Luke Mckeown5.115.11
33BMW Team FondueJimmy Antunes, Leandro Anderruti14.1114.11
44HARDmodeAnnti Ahola, Matti Sipila29.8329.83
55R8G EsportsJesse Jones, Florian Lebigre30.3130.31
66Apex Racing Team 97Michael Janney, Maxence Godinho32.5432.54
77Valkyrie Exype CompetitionJonathan Poulet, Thibaud Prevot68.2668.26
88URANO eSports HEINEKINGMEDIASam Kuitert, Alexander Thiebe68.2668.26
99Apex Racing Team 99Maxime Brient, Peter Berryman71.4571.45
1010BS+TURNERElias Raikaa, Julian Kesselhut74.2274.22

Round 1: Daytona International Speedway

Date Of Race:                                                   5 February 2023

YouTube Broadcast:                                     YouTube (Opens In New Tab)

Race Replay:                                                     Download (Via WeTransfer, Includes Paint Pack, OINT)

Stewards Report Document:                     Download (PDF, OINT)

Stewards Report

Car(s) InvestigatedCar(s) InvolvedDescription of Incident and Penalty
#99#89 #99+15 Seconds. Enter the oval car 89 gets into the back of the 99 who was class leader. The resulting incident led to multiple cars retiring from the event.
#21#21 #23NFA. Netcode incident.
#28 #46NFA. Secondary incident as a reult of the incident between the 21/23.
#012 #012 #7+10 Seconds. +5 Seconds. Under drove corner exit of the Int. Horseshoe, pinching the 7 leading to a collision causing to a large secodnary incident.
APPEAL: After the appeal, the penalty was reverted to +5 Seconds.
#86 #66NFA. The #86 tried to force its way into a closing gap that was always going to close, but was the car that lost out
#1#1 #97+10 Seconds. Came from too far back, to lap the 97 giving the 97 damage.
#20#20 #95+10 Seconds. Attempts to give the #95 a bump draft on corner exit of Speedway turn 4 and hits the #95 off centre on the rear which causes the #95 to lose control & get damage causing them to visit pit lane immediately.
#43#12 #43 #119+10 Seconds. All 3 cars were fuel saving entering turn 1. Did not adequately get the car slowed down, hitting the 119 sending them into the 12 causing a DQ and damage to the 19 in a secondary incident.
#21#21 #98 #99+15 Seconds. Tried to pass 2 cars in one from ~6 lengths back off the lead car, which were leading the GT class. Caused both cars to take avoiding action AND caused a secondary incident
#1#1 #24+10 Seconds. 24 and 1 raced aggressive into T1. Right before the braking zone, the 1 did a weird jink behind the 24, before entering the corer too fast, causing the 24 to spin, recieve damage, and a meatball flag.

Revised results after round 1 (UNOFFICIAL)

LMDh Class

Finish PosOriginal PosTeamDriversIntervalPenaltiesTotal Interval
11URANO Esports DATAGROUPVlad Khimichev (F)
Jonas Wallmeier
22URANO EsportsDominik Hofmann
Daniel Alves Lourenco
33Williams Esports FanatecJosh Lad
Atte Kauppinen
44Williams Esports RazerMike Partington
Carl E Jansson
55Obsidian RacingPedro Sanchez Albert
Pablo Lazar2
66Puresims Esports $LMDHMauricio Quero
Daniel Sivi-Szabo
77Obsidian Racing ComponentsPablo Espes
Aday Coba Lopez
88BS+TurnerValtteri Alander
Dion Fiallo
99HS Racing sniffPatrick Wolf
Sven Knöller
1010WAVE ITALY Racing Team LMDh #8Yuta Saito
Ralph Benitez

GT3 Class

Finish PosOriginal PosTeamDriversIntervalPenaltiesTotal Interval
11URANO eSports HPAlexey Nesov
Luca Kita
23BS+COMPETITIONJulian Kesselhut 
Elias Raikaa
34Apex Racing Team #98Luke McKeown 
Michael Janney
42Team Redline #20Chris Lulham 
Diogo C. Pinto
55Apex Racing Team #99Elvis Rankin 
Maxence Godiinho
68Team PGZ $119Jorge D.Garcia 
Pablo Araujo3
76TUSHEK.EUJesse Jones 
Ole Steinbraten
89BS+COMPETITIONRyan Barneveld 
Oskari Rinne
910TEAM #7Matti Sipilä 
Antti Ahola