RaceSpot TV are an live eSports broadcaster, focusing primarily on Sim Racing. We formed RaceSpot in 2013 with the intention of pushing the boundaries of what was possible in Sim Racing broadcasting, and have since become one of the world’s leading eSports content producers, with over 15 hours of high quality live broadcasts a week to a global audience.

All of our broadcasts are available on the iRacing eSports Network. The largest collection of Sim Racing eSports events online.

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Broadcast Fees

Our Broadcast Services

Information about our broadcast services can be found on this page. We are confident that we offer great value for money, allowing you / your client top quality sim racing broadcasts for a reasonable price.

What’s included?

The following is included in all of your broadcasts:

  • Live streaming of your event to our YouTube channel, or a YouTube channel of your choice.
  • Expert commentary and analysis by our experienced RaceSpot TV commentary team.
  • Live Timing and Scoring of your event.
  • Live overlays & graphics, with our custom built ATVO graphics overlay.

Additional Services

We also offer a range of additional services, should you wish to take your broadcast experience to the next level. Depending on the number of broadcasts you purchase, there may be a small fee payable for these services, or we can include them in a quotation for some of our season packages.

Requesting a Broadcast

Requesting our services couldn’t be easier. Complete this form, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Whilst we will do all we can to accommodate your request, please note that there is a limit to the number of broadcasts that we can run at any one time. Therefore, we advise you to check our upcoming events list before making a request, especially if you are only looking for a one-off race.

Single Race Packages

Single Event Broadcast - From $150

A Single broadcast is perfect for those looking to run a one – off event, or where you’d like to try out our services for the first time. Our single event broadcast package provides 2 hours of broadcast time, making it suitable for any race up to 90 minutes long.


Additional broadcast hours are charged at $35 per hour, up to a maximum of a 6 hour broadcast. If your broadcast is longer than 6 hours, you will need to select our Endurance Race broadcast option (Though, this will save you money!)


Broadcasts requested within a week of the event will incur a $50 surcharge.

Single Endurance Race Broadcast - From $250

A single endurance race broadcast is perfect for those looking to run a one – off event lasting more than 6 hours. For shorter broadcasts, you should consider our single event broadcast.


We have more experience of running endurance race broadcasts than any other sim racing broadcaster on the planet, frequently broadcasting 6, 8, 12 and 24 hour broadcasts. We cover at least 4 24 hour events a year, and are unrivalled when it comes to our organisation, insight, and expertise.


Although the name implies that this broadcast package is for endurance racing, it is also perfect for those running an extended heat racing event, such as our coverage of the iRacing Chilli Bowl in early 2019.


Additional broadcast hours are charged at $35 per hour. We also offer flat rate broadcast fees for events of the following lengths:


6 Hour Event: $250 total cost

12 Hour Event: $400 total cost ($100 saving)

24 Hour Event: $750 total cost ($250 saving)


Please note, that, 6,  12 and 24 hour broadcasts must be booked and confirmed by us AT LEAST 3 months prior to the event, else we will be forced to apply a surcharge of $100 per event. This is because of the unique logistical challenges involved in such an event.

Single Multi - Lingual Race Broadcast - From $250

Need an event running in more than one language at once? We can help!


We have the ability to provide multiple feeds of an event, meaning that if you / your client need more than one language on a broadcast, we are able to accommodate. You will have the option of selecting a ‘primary’ broadcast language for your event, as well as receive specific feeds for any additional language. All broadcasts feeds will be exactly the same just like the World Feed for Formula 1, as an example.


We can provide commentators in English, German, and Portuguese. You are of course more than welcome to provide your own commentators should you choose.


Additional hours are charged at $45 per hour, per feed, even if you are providing your own commentators, due to the need for us to provide the necessary hardware to transmit the feeds.

'Made For TV' Broadcast - $POA

Need an event suitable for TV broadcasting? We can help!


We offer a number of services that can help you get your event onto TV. This includes providing an ultra-high quality version of your broadcast, with all audio tracks, separated (Car sounds, commentators, music, etc). We can also provide editing of live events, as well as conversion to any TV format, up to 1080p.


Because of the uniqueness of such a request, please contact us to receive a personalised quote.

Season Packages

Standard Season Package: From $125 / Race

Our standard season package starts at $125 per race, and is designed for seasons with races running on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. An advantage of booking a season package ensures you have a regular broadcast slot, adding familiarity to viewers, as well as being able to have a dedicated commentary team for your entire season.


As with our single race event package, 2 hours of broadcast time is included, making this perfect package for those running races of 60 – 90 minutes. Should you need a longer broadcast window, each hour’s additional broadcasting costs $25 per race, up to the maximum of a 6 hour broadcast.

Broadcasts requested within a week of the first event will incur a $50 surcharge for each race.

Endurance Season Package: From $200 / Race

If endurance racing is your thing, then this is the package for you and your series.


This package includes a 20% discount per race over a single endurance race package, and represents our best value broadcast package in terms of cost per hour. You’ll also be in safe hands; we do more endurance racing broadcasts than any Sim Racing broadcaster on the planet, and our quality, passion and commitment is unmatched in the industry.


We will work with you to ensure that we can provide maximum benefit to your fans, clients and partners, and offer a 50% reduction on all additional services bought with this package. Should you need additional broadcast hours are charged at $25 per hour. We also offer flat rate broadcast fees for events of the following lengths:


6 Hour Event: $200 per race

12 Hour Event: $350 per race  ($150 saving)

24 Hour Event: $675 per race  ($325 saving)


Note: A maximum of one 12 / 24 hour race can be purchased at this price per season. All other 12 / 24 hour races will be charged at our standard rate.

Our Services

Learn about the wide range of services that we offer, from live broadcasting of your event / series, to research and consultancy services to help you grow your eSports brand.

Our Crew

We work with a diverse group of people from across the globe, including producers of live content, commentators, and eSport event hosts.

Our Technology

We use only the best equipment to provide our services, from top end hardware, to bespoke software applications developed with our partners.