As 2021 rolls to an end, we would like to say thank you to a number of people and companies, with whom our business partnerships are due to end. We have been thankful to these partners for their help over the years in supporting our objectives in making RaceSpot TV and RaceSpot Live Events brand leaders in online Sim Racing broadcasts, and wish them all the best in their continued personal business success.

First, we say farewell to Istvan Balogh and his Track Cams for Gourmets. Istvan has been one of the leading lights in terms of making realistic camera angles for iRacing tracks and cars for almost 10 years, and has transformed the way that people view online sim racing broadcasts. Istvan has been an excellent partner over the years, ensuring that we are graced with the latest and best tools to do our jobs as directors and producers.

Next, we say thanks to Andy Werner and AndWernDesign. AndWernDesign were behind the majority of our graphical overlay designs from 2014 through 2020. These helped revolutionise our product, and helped emphasise our approach to clean, functional design, which ensures that what we show on screen compliments the broadcast, rather than distract from it. AndWernDesign also helped provide additional graphics and assets for RaceSpot TV’s early brand development, as well as our partner ISOWC series.

Finally, we say goodbye to our hosting and TeamSpeak provider of 5 years, via our friends at Apex Racing UK. At a time that our online and web-app presence was expanding, it was through our partnership that we were able to scale up our services to provide a greater TeamSpeak and web presence, including our best in class live timing, live reporting, and mini sites for events. We are moving this operation in house for 2022, to allow us greater flexibility when working with some of our corporate clients and live events arm.

Commenting on the end of these partnerships, RaceSpot TV COO Wil Vincent commented:

We have been very lucky to work with some awesome partners over the years, and Track Cams for Gourmets, AndwernDesign and Apex, via their hosting services are no exception.

Anyone in the world of business startups knows that having the right people beside you can be critical to your success as a company, and we were very lucky to find the right people to work with very early in our journey. Each have been integral to our operations to date in their own way, and we could not be where we are today without the contributions of them individually or collectively.

As we continue to scale up our operations to bigger and better projects moving forward, we feel that now is the time to bring some of the operations mentioned above in house, as well as looking towards creating new visions and experiences with new partners in the field. Therefore, we wish Track Cams for Gourmets, AndwernDesign and Apex the very best in their continued operations moving forward.

Wil Vincent – COO: RaceSpot TV

Wil Vincent at 2:36 pm, 31st December 2021 - Reply

On a personal note, thank you to all! Your services and partnership has been invaluable to us!

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