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14 Mar 2020


1:30 pm - 1:30 am

Sebring 12 Hour

High Level Overiew
More details and specifics will be released for each event as the event approaches.

The 2020 iRacing Special Events calendar once again offers a diverse schedule of events for our iRacing members. The 2020 schedule has seen some changes to specific events as well as a long awaited updates to Race Control. The season in full is outlined below.

Race Control Updates:
Endurance Special Events for 2020 will feature “Stop and Go” penalties at predetermined incident limits in order to minimize disqualifications from these events. iRacing, as the sanctioning body for these events, has standardized the penalties based on race distance and will be using this model throughout 2020. It is recommended that members familiarize themselves with the track limits of the various courses as well as familiarizing themselves with the incident penalties for each event. The new model will have an initial penalty setting as well as an additional penalty setting. For example, 24 hour events will have an initial “Stop and Go” penalty set at 100 incidents and teams will incur an additional stop and go penalty every 20 incidents thereafter. Please note that the DQ limit has been removed from the stand-alone events.

You can read more about the new race control features here: https://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3680684.page

All events with the exception of the Indy 500 will have attached qualifying and be split by iRating. This allows for the full use of the Dynamic Weather engine for these events. The Indy 500 will have detached qualifying with static weather to replicate the real world counterpart as close as possible. At this time it is not possible to have static qualifying and dynamic race weather for these detached sessions.

Event schedule:
Attatched is a high level overview of the 2020 Special Event schedule. We will provide more details for each event as each event approaches.

As always, iRacing reserves the right to make changes if we deem them necessary. In the event a change is required, iRacing will work in good faith to provide as much notice as possible.

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