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Live Updates, News and Memes from the RaceSpot TV / VCO Community Event At Simply Race Milton Keynes 2022.

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  • Porsche 992 Showdown Results After Heat #2.

    By Wil Vincent |

    Two races down, we have 10 drivers through to the finals of the Porsche 992 Showdown:


    • Luke Bennett
    • Adam State
    • Josh Thompson (Retired)
    • Leo Garibolei
    • Daniel Handover
    • Ben Gregory (replacement)
    • Jon Robertson
    • Will Chadwick
    • Taylor Lane
    • Dane Baird
    • Callum Puddicombe


    Heat #3 coming very soon!

  • Oh. We’re live!

    By Wil Vincent |

    We’ve been busy. VERY BUSY. We’ll update when we get a chance!

  • On our way to Milton Keynes!

    By Hugo Luis |

    Look at HOW many people are working on the road works!

    (…) no one working.


    By Wil Vincent |

    Similar to the BMW GT4 Showdown, it’s 15 cars per split… Except we’re not quite full on the numbers for this one yet. There’s still some pretty interesting match ups in the splits… Anything in particular catch your eye? Let us know on social!


    By Wil Vincent |

    15 Drivers per split. 5 from each will qualify for the grand final. All drivers were randomly selected to a race and rig slot using the world’s most advance randomiser… Microsoft Excel!

    Do you see any interesting matchups, drop us a comment on Social Media!



    By Wil Vincent |

    That’s right folks, we’ve actually managed to ‘sell out’ of something.

    We now have reached our limit for the BMW GT4 Tournament of 45 drivers. This means that any drivers who register for the BMW GT4 Series will be placed on a reserve list. Think of it like Southwest Airlines. we all know they overbook everything, so there’s still a good chance you could race if you really wanted to, just. For now, we have to say we’re full.

  • The Pineapple debate Version #4583784931267403

    By Wil Vincent |

    Before we go any further, we have an important poll we would like you to participate in. And as ever with us it comes down to food, and in this case pizza toppings. Pineapple on pizza. Yes / No?


  • Well… Hello Hello Hello There!

    By Wil Vincent |

    Hello, and welcome to our Live Blog for the RaceSpot TV x VCO Community Event taking place in Milton Keynes on Saturday 14th May at Simply Race, in the heart of the Theatre District.

    If you’ve not already registered, you can find more information at: https://www.racespot.tv/mk2022/

    Want to come along and join us? Use this form to register: https://www.racespot.tv/mkregistration/

    We hope to see you in Milton Keynes soon!