In 2022, we are unfortunately saying good-bye to the much loved Club UK&I Skip Barber Series, known as Monday Night Skippys. It has been 7 years of pure fun and enjoy for all of us, and more importantly, a big opportunity to support charity organisations.

Since 2014, we have covered about 370 races free of charge for the Club UK & Ireland Community (Also referred to as Club UK&I within iRacing circles). We don’t want to brag about the finances, but this equates to over $50,000 worth of free broadcasting over the years to a vibrant, energetic and entertaining community. Furthermore, we were provided the opportunity to support:

  • Shelter – The housing and homelessness charity, and;
  • TheCalmZone, the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

During that time, we have also seen the presence of rising stars such as Graham Carroll, Sebastian Job and Lando Norris. In fact, if you go back through our YouTube archives far enough, you will see footage of a young Sebastian Job before he was an iRacing World Championship Driver, and Lando Norris before he had even won his Autosport BRDC award.

We would like to thank every one of you who watched these races, and donated to these organisations! It’s been a pleasure to broadcast the series over the years, from the memorable 3 wide, lap long fights at Sonoma Raceway, to the growing and development of new talent, to… THAT race run at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in the dark. RaceSpot TV COO Wil Vincent, who commentated on the series for the first 3 years, then worked as a part time commentator and producer for it provided the following comment:

Monday Night Skippys was something we got asked to do at very short notice, taking over from British Sim Racing (BSR). We were thankful to BSR for their years of covering the series, and wanted to ensure we recognised the talent involved in the series, whilst also providing the same world class coverage we are known for.

I’ve been lucky enough to commentate on and produce a number of races over the years, and there have been some fantastic moments for me to show / talk over in this time. Far too many in fact! We’ve seen a number of drivers participate in almost every race during our broadcasting stewardship of the series, and likewise have seen many new talents come to the fold. Chartering each individual story, rivalry and championship has been exciting, and a privilege for us to cover.

I’m also proud of the fact that Monday Night Skippys formed the cornerstone of our Primetime brand for all these years, where we’ve provided close to 1,000 free broadcasts to the iRacing community. We are the only broadcaster who has provided this level of free coverage back to the community, and we feel that it’s important to showcase talent which otherwise may not get the chance to be seen. We’ll be looking at ways of continuing this further in 2022 alongside our FNP brand.

Wil Vincent – COO: RaceSpot TV

Monday Night Skippys has also introduced to the broadcasting world many incredible talents! Some of their stories and quotes are below.

I don’t think I would have been able to get to where I am today without getting the opportunity to commentate on the Monday Night Skippies originally with Rachael Whiteford & Linus Brostrom years and years ago. It’s a fantastic league with great racing week on week. It has basically become its own institution on iRacing and I hope the UK&I Club continues to race in and support the league for many years into the future.

Connery Maddick

Monday Night Skippys have been my favourite simracing series for many years as they each and every week have provided us with some amazing racing! It has been so much fun over the last few years to watch new people come in to the series and develop over time. And it has played a huge role in helping me develop as a commentator in simracing. I hope this series will continue for many years to come, even without our broadcasts. Thank you to all the drivers who have given us countless of memorable moments, and most of all to Allan Paterson for hosting this amazing league.

Linus Brostrom

MNS was one of the first leagues on iRacing I got involved with when I used to race the skip barber regularly ages ago. this was back in the days of when there was round about the 50 or 60 cars range. Having the opportunity to commentate on the MNS league has helped me come out of my shell and gain confidence and my thanks must also go to RaceSpot for giving me the chance to step up and call the races which I will always be grateful for. Big thanks to Allan for hosting this brilliant league.

Ryan Walker

As a farewell, we will be broadcasting 3 races of this current season (20th December, 24th January and March 7th), and we encourage everyone to donate to, if you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done over the past 7 years.