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11 Sep 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

60+ Racing Adventures

Established in 2016 by Mr. Donald W. Strout, this series is for “serious and seasoned” drivers that will be age 60 and older prior to February 2020.

For the Road Championship, fixed setups will be used, running the Pro Mazda, with Driver and Team Championships at stake. Season 11 will include 12 events of two sprint races each, all on road courses.

The Oval Championship will feature the Chevy Impala K&N, also using fixed setups. The Driver Championship will be disputed over a schedule of 12 single weekly races.

For a complete coverage of the league activities, official and non official races, event calendar, archives and member forum, please consult our official website .

Administration and membership requestadmin@60plusracing.com

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