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01 Dec 2019


1:30 pm - 8:30 pm


TeamBRIT exist to bring motorsport to people with physical limitations, such as limited use of their legs, as well as sufferers of PTSD and similar conditions. One of TeamBRIT’s many success stories include helping young formula three star Billy Monger get back behind the wheel for the first time after his horrific accident in 2017. TeamBRIT have developed and adapted steering wheels with hand throttle and brake, used in their Aston Martin GT4. They have also developed a sim wheel with similar adaptations. Read more about TeamBRIT at:

Simability adapt hand controls to existing, off the shelf, sim racing wheels. They came about when the founder, Glenn Sidman, went to buy hand controls for his son & couldn’t find any out there, so he made his own. Thankfully he didn’t stop there & now sells them to the public.

Check out the Simpossible iracing community for disabled racers

Craig’s Setup Shop is our setup provider for the race, check them out at

PCDC is a sim racing community dedicated to two key things:
– Competitive league racing
– Enjoying it

PCDC exists because competitive sim racing should be enjoyable. We value clean driving over outright pace, and friendly sportsmanship over pure competition. We welcome all who want to be a part of a community that embodies these values.

For more details and to join us, visit
Check us out on twitter:

PCDC Motorsports is sponsored by Envimate

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